About Us

The London Pie Co. opened its first store in South Africa in 1994. Ever since, we have been committed to delivering high quality pies to the South African public. There are many pie shops out there, but none of them can deliver a pie as good and wholesome as we can. To make a real decent pie one must have a proper helping of fresh nutritious filling, covered in only the best quality pastry, freshly baked. This is the type of pie you can get at the London Pie co. A REAL pie, a wholesome meal that will give you the best value food-on-the-go money can buy!

So what are you waiting for, have yourself a REAL pie, have a London pie!

Pies have been around for thousands of years, and even the ancient Egyptians already knew how to make pies and enjoy them. In 19th century England however, hot nutritious pies became renowned as the easiest and most delicious meal available to people working in the factories of London and the surrounding farmlands. This tradition made London famous for its pies to this day.

We are proud to carry the same tradition forward in our stores. That is why you will only find the best quality pies at London Pie Co.

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